Friday, June 26, 2009

well I'm back in business again. It seems that the computer problem that I had was due mainly to me. anyways about my ride. now that the VA wants to get involved. they are asking me to re plan my route more regionally. by that they are saying Ohio, southern Michigan, eastern Indiana and northern Kentucky. it was asked of me to consider doing this to help promote our state. so I in return asked them for a few things if I did this. like pay for hotels, sag vehicle and my aid. which I did not think was to out of the question. now I'm finishing up contacting recumbent bike manufactures. asking them if they would be interested in getting involved and if so what do they need from me to assist them in making all of this happen?

Friday, June 19, 2009

back to training again

well thanks to some friends and sponsors. I'm back on the road again now. after all of my riding this past Sunday in Burton, Ohio. I discovered 2 things 1st) that my pedals needed to be extended out a little bit. so that my right knee would not keep hitting my GPS. thanks to my friend Roger in Greenville SC. that problem is taken care of now. he was kind enough to mail me a set of pedal extenders that he had extra. 2nd) that I needed something to prevent my chain from jumping off of my smallest front gear and getting jammed between my bike frame and my front gears. well thanks to a company called jump stop that should not happen again.


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