Monday, August 31, 2009

this is it 12 to go

and I'm really chomping at the bit to get on with it. finally its here one more night to go before I leave on the adventure of my lifetime. or at least during my new life that is. I rode around today with the trailer fully loaded. boy is it heavy going up hills. but, what did I expect for a totally unsupported road tour of Ohio. its not like I get the luxury of having a 'van' with me to haul all of these recumbent trike manufacture's brochures around with me. but, hopefully the weight will become unnoticeable after a few hundred miles or so well wish me luck and good riding weather.....LK

Sunday, August 30, 2009

2 days left

well this is almost it my friend came over last night and we both went over my bike and trailer. it helps that he used to own a small shop and is very familiar with my bike. we went for a short ride to check the adjustments that he made. they all were great and I will owe him the nicest steak dinner when I return. for all of the things that he (James) has done for me. it was really odd how we met. I was in the bike shop(spin's) in willoughby. getting my new tires put on for my trip. when he and his wife came in. he saw the sticker on my bike that said 'mybigride09'. an mentioned that he had heard about my trip. we sat there and talked for a good while. while his wife and my girlfriend were next store drinking coffee anyways about my ride I've got everything sitting here. ready to be put into duffel bags and then the trailer. I'm not to nervous yet. but, that will probably change. once I get to my send off at wade park VA. its raining today so my little fishing trip with was canceled. so today I've got nothing to do except go over and over my route again and again.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

well this is it

the last weekend to do all of my bike pre-check and packing things. I've gone over my list so many times that I just about know it by heart. this week had the opportunity to ride with a couple of fellow disabled veterans. we decided that they would track me and meet up with me later for a day of riding. I defiantly got my workout on changing flats that day. from over pressuring of tires the tubes blew. no I did not do it (over pressure) someone else did it for me..... but all in all things are going ok today I've got a friend who is stopping by to go riding with me. last night was a huge success at the VFW fund raiser send off party for me. I guess they sold out. I'll write more later its time to go riding now.......LK

Monday, August 24, 2009

1 week to go now

Today I received my SPOT tracking device. aside from a few glitches with the computer at the office. everything looks good. this little unit is about a 1/2 lb and the size of about 3 decks of playing cards. what this unit does is tracks me through out my adventure and will give me, an those that care about me a little bit of security. because this thing has several features. which are pretty neat. but, this one I really like its the I'm ok button. which is basically a button that you have to press at a preset time amount that sends either emails or sms text messages to the people that you set up in the system, that you are ok. an if you don't do it within so much time, 15-20 mins I think. it will send out your location to an operator who will attempt to contact you. an if they can't then they will ask a local agency to check on you. kind of like on-star for adventures. it also has a help button that will send out a message to your point of contacts letting them know you need help and a 911 button that will send for emergency services. a pretty neat little piece of mind to have. other than that my riding is back to where it was. before my run in with the teenagers last month. I'm now riding very strong again and feel very good during and after my rides. with one week to go now its time to double check all of my bike, my cloth's, my personal gear and to really try and get some more per mile sponsorship.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

less than 2 weeks

well things are starting to come together now 2 weeks and counting. I'm starting to make all of the final reservations and route planning. yesterday I bought (thanks to a sponsor) a GPS unit to make things a little easier on me it should be here today. I also got donated to me a netbook laptop computer. that way I can keep in contact with everyone while I'm on this trip. I'm getting a little nervous because even though I've tried to plan out everything possible. its still the what if's that will get me. I'll just deal with them as they arise

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

the 1st fundraiser was a success

it was a huge success as a matter of fact. I don't think I've ever seen that place so crowded. I want to give a special thank you to Joanne. in 3 weeks she put all of this together. without her it would not have even gotten off the ground. fund raising is going well. I'm now riding for around $4.30 per mile + people have been sending in donations straight to the charities. so all and all I'm pleased not to bad for a 1st time event. but, it will get better this I know......

Thursday, August 13, 2009

less than 3 weeks

things are starting to come together bit by bit. my biggest concern right now is once I get beyond the Cleveland area. my aide will not be able to go on from there. so now its up to me and the VA to come up with a solution. but, I guess mainly me. om a different note talked to a couple of friends today and they encouraged me to do this 100%. if not for me for all of the other veterans out there. well my 1st going away party is this saturday and it should be a blast.

Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm making my list and checking it twice

well its down to 3 weeks and counting now. it seems like yesterday when I got this wild hair brain idea to ride to Texas. but at least some sensible people talked me out of it and into a more manageable ride. But, there is always next year. It depends on how this one goes but I'm already thinking of doing another ride next year. I'm even thinking about maybe trying to do some sort of benefit ride every year. I don't know maybe calling it a "soldiers benefit ride". I have not really put to much thought into it yet. it was just mentioned to me this past weekend by a friend. But, on another note things are finally coming to a head. I'm making a list of the things I think I'll need and then trying to find a way to pack it. thank goodness I've got a trailer because without it I would really be screwed. an also thank goodness I've been training with at least 75 lbs in it. because right now, aside from any literature that my sponsors have sent me. I'm up to 25 lbs. of just my own personal things. well next weekend they are having a fundraiser send off party for me. at the wee-bit bar in mentor on the lake. and then the following weekend they are having a steak dinner party for me at my VFW post

Friday, August 7, 2009


everything went ok at the meeting I guess I had gotten myself really worked up about nothing. because most everyone in there I've known for years and am very comfortable with anyways. so it was no different being in a large room. I spoke briefly then Chris did and so did alli. then we were out of there so 5-10 minutes tops. but, the point was gotten across hopefully. on another note went to WRHD today for 4 hours and boy did they have a surprise for me. they loaded me up with all kinds of t-shirts and some other needed items for my trip. plus we also discussed about me bringing my bike up there on the 18th of August for bike night and to try to raise some more donations

Thursday, August 6, 2009

very important meeting today

today I've got a meeting scheaduled with the local VA director and other heads of departments. I wasn't nervous about it till this morning when I started 2nd guessing myself about everything. I know he's just a man and it really makes no difference on weather my ride is a go or not. its just he or they can make my life a whole lot easier. so we shall see if they allow me to have what I'm asking for.


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