Tuesday, May 26, 2009

well with the weekend over now I can

get back to my bike training and preparing for my ride coming this September. this memorial day I had the honor of giving a speech to about 100 people. that came out to attend the whitehaven memorial tribute that we do every year. an I was really humbled by the speaker before me. here was this young woman, Mrs. Pamela Montgomery who just last year on the 31st of May lost her husband in Iraq. she got up there and spoke very proudly of her husband and all military. I was very humbled by the fact that I had to get up there after her and try to read my speech. I also did something else that I had not done in a while. I was asked at the last minute if I would march in with a boy scout when he brought in the POW/MIA flag? I accepted the task with great honor.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

well I think I have it done

one of my duties (non-big ride related)with the DAV42 LAKE COUNTY OH. is as 2nd vice to organize the memorial day tribute at Whitehaven memorial park. an seeing as how the woman in charge of Whitehaven couldn't get a 3rd speaker. I went ahead and volunteered to do it. well with some work and assistance from friends I've come up with a short and hopefully powerful speech. that will be a tribute to all veterans both living and dead. especielly to my friend who died in Iraq.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

I'm going nucking futs....................

Did I mention that I hate to speak in front of crowds? so what do I do? volunteer myself to be a guest speaker for the Whitehaven memorial gardens, memorial day activities that our DAV and Whitehaven puts on every year to show respect to those that are no longer with us. but, I'm doing it thats why I started writing my speech now I figure with 2 weeks to go I ought to be able to come up with something. along the same lines of I hate to speak in front of crowds. I'm also the newly elected 2nd vice of my DAV chapter #42 and the post chaplain of my American legion post so needless to say if this doesn't cure me then nothing will. on other news I've picked up several new sponsors. both personal and business wise and my mileage is up to about 250 per week. I've also acquired a few additional riders from various web site forums that I belong to. that will ride with me several days or just a day. but I'm sure the company will be welcome. so things are looking pretty good right now

Friday, May 1, 2009


well April came and went now for may. as if things were not hectic enough I've now got the honor of being one of the guest speakers at my DAV whithaven memorial gardens ceremony. which I take as an honor that I was asked to do it. but, I had to send a little humor by way of email when I was asked by the funeral home director if I would do it. I told her I would but, that I hated speaking in front of large crowds so I had to imagine everybody in the audience was naked. she called me right back laughing her head off almost crying so I guess that went well. on biking news I've ridden about 200 miles this week. but I would expect that mileage to pick up once the weather gets a little better. my aide has been busy jogging and riding on her own until we can start riding together


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