Monday, September 21, 2009

tried to take a short ride this weekend

as you know my right knee had been giving me trouble. yesterday (Sunday)I went for a short 4-5 mile, no hills and no real stress ride. my knee was sore, but it felt ok. once I got my seat positioned correctly. an it feels pretty good this morning. actually it feels better than its felt in a couple of weeks. when I rode just spinned with no strain and stress. I purposely stayed in a very low gear. on another note I had a very busy weekend. it started on Friday with my American legion post. we had our 2nd annual 'veterans appreciation day' which was a very huge success this year. then saturday went to my VFW's annual clam bake which was also a very huge success. now for this week I have to pack up my things for my move this Saturday. not moving very far just about 10 miles away. an I don't have a lot of things just spread all over.

Friday, September 11, 2009

I'm so excited

I woke up at 4 am this morning and finally decided to get out of bed at 4:30. I can't wait for the opportunity to meet some of the guys that I looked up to when I was growing up. especially Bernie Kosar, I'll make sure I post some more when I get a chance. on another note I know it may sound sick or be to early. but I've been planning something for next spring. this time I've enlisted the help of people that know how to plan something big like this. an this time it will include some other yet to be named riders. sorry to be so hush hush on it but don't want to let to much info out before

Monday, September 7, 2009

3 days later

well my knee the swelling finally has gone down. its still sore and stiff and once in awhile it catches. but, at least I can move it again. I'm still plagued with the thoughts of what if I had just rested a day. an then taken it easy on it how much further could I had gone? but, I guess next year right?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

something good came out of all of this

Donations to my charities are around $1000 each (so far) and it brought awareness to some very important issue, our returning veterans. also this Friday September, 11th I will be driving a golf cart. for a charity golf tournament. the person or person's that I will be driving around. will be the old Cleveland brown's. like Bernie Kosar of the Cleveland brown's 1985-1993 and several others. I was also informed that I will be expected to give a short speech and talk about my ride. along with the foundation that the golf tournament represents, they (browns) will be making a donation to the charities that I represented during my ride. so all in all it turned out ok I guess LK

Saturday, September 5, 2009

well all that I can say is that I tried to do it.

some unforeseen problems like, my right knee suddenly starting to pop and grind which caused a lot of pain. to the point my average speed was down to around 3-5 mph. an also not having a rear escort driver anymore and coming into higher traffic an trying to navigate my own way. I had to come to the reality that my ride was coming to an end. but, at least I brought some attention to our returning veterans. that was the whole purpose of this ride anyways. I also wanted to let you know that any monies remaining from my general donation fund will be donated to the listed charities this week. thank you all for your support. god bless!

Friday, September 4, 2009

today I had to make a tough decision

well for one I never realized Ohio had so many steep hills till Tuesday and Wednesday. thank goodness I had a friend following me on weds. because otherwise I would not have even made it past that day. but yesterday started out ok. that was till my right knee made a funny grinding/ popping noise. it had been starting to feel really weird yesterday (thurs.) that's when a really nice lady. went out of her way and stopped by a local bed and breakfast. in mt. Gilead, Ohio and got Sam the owner. who happened to be a marine veteran and a retired fire chief. but, anyways after being welcomed into there lovely home and given a great home cooked meal. I slept like the dead to awake this morning to a knee that felt better but, not 100%. so I left this morning after a great breakfast an hit the road. but, to no avail because about 25 miles into it my knee started feeling funny again. anyways I tried to take it easy on it but the pain just got worse and worse. till I was barely even pedaling at all. so after only 137 miles into my ride I had to make a decision. keep going and hope that my knee gets better or that I don't do more damage to it. or to stop and say I quite but, at least I tried to do something. an even though it didn't work out the way I had planned on it working out. at least I had learned a great deal. an will be better prepared for the next time I decide to undertake something like this. anyways I wanted to thank you all for your support and good wishes. an I also wanted to remind you to thank a veteran the next time you see one. heck if you can spare the time do something nice for one. whether that be visiting them in the hospital or just shaking there hand. because without them where would we be today?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

1st day

well today went well lots of hills and traffic though. but i'm just getting into the swing of things. I got a good send off at the va. heck I even got a police escort for about the 1st 10 miles. well i'm tired as can be and getting ready for bed just thought I would update everyone and let them know how today went.


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