Wednesday, July 22, 2009

4 days post incident

ok I'm sore as all heck now and my right hip is turning all kinds of pretty blues, purples and greens. but, other than that everything else seems to be going ok. the bike is at the shop and about the worst damage to it was the front tire was all bent up. other than that nothing to major I guess. a friend of mine that is a cop in a nearby town took the bike over to the shop yesterday. he also said accident report was very well given (by me)an he doesn't think these kids are from willoughby either. the heat will hopefully be turned up on them with the release of a news article in the news hearald today. about the incident and my ride. all I know is I'm sore in places that I never knew existed.

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  1. Hey Lee It's your cousin Charnette. I just wanted to say i'm so glad you are doing this and are able to do this! I hope they catch those punks by the way! I am a member of my local DAV chapter 63 in clermont county. I just think you are so strong. I just wanted to let you know that i think about you often and wonder if you are doing well and it sounds like you are doing just fine. good luck on you ride and be safe! All my love Charnette.



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