Saturday, May 9, 2009

I'm going nucking futs....................

Did I mention that I hate to speak in front of crowds? so what do I do? volunteer myself to be a guest speaker for the Whitehaven memorial gardens, memorial day activities that our DAV and Whitehaven puts on every year to show respect to those that are no longer with us. but, I'm doing it thats why I started writing my speech now I figure with 2 weeks to go I ought to be able to come up with something. along the same lines of I hate to speak in front of crowds. I'm also the newly elected 2nd vice of my DAV chapter #42 and the post chaplain of my American legion post so needless to say if this doesn't cure me then nothing will. on other news I've picked up several new sponsors. both personal and business wise and my mileage is up to about 250 per week. I've also acquired a few additional riders from various web site forums that I belong to. that will ride with me several days or just a day. but I'm sure the company will be welcome. so things are looking pretty good right now

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