Monday, September 21, 2009

tried to take a short ride this weekend

as you know my right knee had been giving me trouble. yesterday (Sunday)I went for a short 4-5 mile, no hills and no real stress ride. my knee was sore, but it felt ok. once I got my seat positioned correctly. an it feels pretty good this morning. actually it feels better than its felt in a couple of weeks. when I rode just spinned with no strain and stress. I purposely stayed in a very low gear. on another note I had a very busy weekend. it started on Friday with my American legion post. we had our 2nd annual 'veterans appreciation day' which was a very huge success this year. then saturday went to my VFW's annual clam bake which was also a very huge success. now for this week I have to pack up my things for my move this Saturday. not moving very far just about 10 miles away. an I don't have a lot of things just spread all over.

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