Friday, September 4, 2009

today I had to make a tough decision

well for one I never realized Ohio had so many steep hills till Tuesday and Wednesday. thank goodness I had a friend following me on weds. because otherwise I would not have even made it past that day. but yesterday started out ok. that was till my right knee made a funny grinding/ popping noise. it had been starting to feel really weird yesterday (thurs.) that's when a really nice lady. went out of her way and stopped by a local bed and breakfast. in mt. Gilead, Ohio and got Sam the owner. who happened to be a marine veteran and a retired fire chief. but, anyways after being welcomed into there lovely home and given a great home cooked meal. I slept like the dead to awake this morning to a knee that felt better but, not 100%. so I left this morning after a great breakfast an hit the road. but, to no avail because about 25 miles into it my knee started feeling funny again. anyways I tried to take it easy on it but the pain just got worse and worse. till I was barely even pedaling at all. so after only 137 miles into my ride I had to make a decision. keep going and hope that my knee gets better or that I don't do more damage to it. or to stop and say I quite but, at least I tried to do something. an even though it didn't work out the way I had planned on it working out. at least I had learned a great deal. an will be better prepared for the next time I decide to undertake something like this. anyways I wanted to thank you all for your support and good wishes. an I also wanted to remind you to thank a veteran the next time you see one. heck if you can spare the time do something nice for one. whether that be visiting them in the hospital or just shaking there hand. because without them where would we be today?

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