Saturday, September 5, 2009

well all that I can say is that I tried to do it.

some unforeseen problems like, my right knee suddenly starting to pop and grind which caused a lot of pain. to the point my average speed was down to around 3-5 mph. an also not having a rear escort driver anymore and coming into higher traffic an trying to navigate my own way. I had to come to the reality that my ride was coming to an end. but, at least I brought some attention to our returning veterans. that was the whole purpose of this ride anyways. I also wanted to let you know that any monies remaining from my general donation fund will be donated to the listed charities this week. thank you all for your support. god bless!

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  1. Lee,

    I'm so sad to read that your trip ended so abruptly. You did the right thing. Your health comes first. No thinking what would have happened to your knee if you kept on going.

    You did your best so I am proud of you. Raising what you did for the "Wounded Warrior Project" and the "Fisher House" was something else. Thank you for your service.

    I'm just wondering if you tried to carry too much stuff in that B.O.B. and the extra weight did you in. Back in 2001 when I switched over to recumbents I was using a B.O.B. myself. I had the same problem with hills. I was struggling to move something that from the tip of my recumbent to the back of the B.O.B. was around nine foot long. After a little over two hundred miles, I gave the B.O.B. to a pastor friend who sold it and gave the money to a church family that needed it. Once I decided to just carry the basics and only what I could carry on the back rack of my recumbent, things went a lot smoother.



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