Sunday, August 30, 2009

2 days left

well this is almost it my friend came over last night and we both went over my bike and trailer. it helps that he used to own a small shop and is very familiar with my bike. we went for a short ride to check the adjustments that he made. they all were great and I will owe him the nicest steak dinner when I return. for all of the things that he (James) has done for me. it was really odd how we met. I was in the bike shop(spin's) in willoughby. getting my new tires put on for my trip. when he and his wife came in. he saw the sticker on my bike that said 'mybigride09'. an mentioned that he had heard about my trip. we sat there and talked for a good while. while his wife and my girlfriend were next store drinking coffee anyways about my ride I've got everything sitting here. ready to be put into duffel bags and then the trailer. I'm not to nervous yet. but, that will probably change. once I get to my send off at wade park VA. its raining today so my little fishing trip with was canceled. so today I've got nothing to do except go over and over my route again and again.

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