Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm making my list and checking it twice

well its down to 3 weeks and counting now. it seems like yesterday when I got this wild hair brain idea to ride to Texas. but at least some sensible people talked me out of it and into a more manageable ride. But, there is always next year. It depends on how this one goes but I'm already thinking of doing another ride next year. I'm even thinking about maybe trying to do some sort of benefit ride every year. I don't know maybe calling it a "soldiers benefit ride". I have not really put to much thought into it yet. it was just mentioned to me this past weekend by a friend. But, on another note things are finally coming to a head. I'm making a list of the things I think I'll need and then trying to find a way to pack it. thank goodness I've got a trailer because without it I would really be screwed. an also thank goodness I've been training with at least 75 lbs in it. because right now, aside from any literature that my sponsors have sent me. I'm up to 25 lbs. of just my own personal things. well next weekend they are having a fundraiser send off party for me. at the wee-bit bar in mentor on the lake. and then the following weekend they are having a steak dinner party for me at my VFW post

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